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The REDinc artists-with-a-disability community is widely celebrated across the Northern Rivers for its outstanding achievements in the Arts. Many have gone from never having picked up a paintbrush to becoming semi professional artists in their own right exhibiting their works across Australia and overseas, selling their pieces to generate an income for themselves.

“I learnt about Art at Redinc.

The mediums I like to work with include paint, print, and texta. The artists that inspire me the most are comic book artists, manga artists and some graffiti artists. I am inspired to make art from pop culture, characters, courses and movies.

Art makes me feel good, happy, content, joyful, a little bit scared, a little bit confused, surprised and even a little bit silly. The message I find in art is to use art.”

Nathan Gooley, 2014

Nathan went on to exhibit his Super Heroes works at the Lismore Regional Gallery in 2016.

The REDinc School of Art is renowned across the North Coast of NSW and beyond for its amazing artistic outcomes, with many REDinc artists going on to exhibit locally, regionally, nationally and internationally (from New Zealand to Europe!) – selling their work as they go!  Our artists’ work has even been featured on ANZ’s Visa Card!

We have an amazing group of resident artists who run a range of Creative Arts workshops.

REDinc provides quality art studios in both Lismore and Mullumbimby where we can support our artists in the creation of their artwork.

Our philosophy is that Art is not taught, but rather people are encouraged to find their own artistic voice and to pursue themes of personal interest and meaning. Artists are encouraged to stay true to their unique style and subjects that truly mean something to them; so that, over time, their creative style becomes as unique and recognisable as their signature.

The aim of the studio is to assist individuals to become as independent as possible in their work, with just enough support to enable each person reach a deep engagement with, and enjoyment, of the artistic process. We believe our Artists have the right to quality arts practice, in a quality arts studio environment, using quality materials.

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We believe that providing a nurturing art environment for our Artists has a positive impact on the community as a whole.

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