What we do

REDinc delivers a wide range of highly personalised and group disability services delivered by staff who deeply care and who share the belief that everyone deserves to dream and live their best lives.

We pride ourselves on being a small local organisation delivering disability services on the North Coast for the past 30 years.  One of our greatest qualities, that comes from being a relatively small organisation, is the family atmosphere that exists within the REDinc community.

We provide

We have an awesome reputation for being innovative and for achieving results.

Life Support

We provide trustworthy, reliable and caring support and assistance with your daily living needs, at home or in the community from people who care about you and your life goals. We can assist you with daily tasks, or can supervise you while you complete tasks, including personal care and household tasks. We provide support that enables you to live as autonomously and independently as possible; all supports are delivered with the utmost respect and acceptance of who you are and what you need.

We provide 24/7 in-home or drop-in accommodation support delivered by experienced, friendly and caring staff.

Individualised Services

Socialising and having fun out and about is a vital part of living a full and fun life!  We are passionate that everyone deserves to belong and take their place amongst their community.

Get out there and enjoy the gym, some workshops, community events or simply hang out with your mates.  We provide each person in the REDinc community with a highly personalised service so that you can do what you choose to do.  One of our caring dedicated support workers will come along with you and provide you with as much or as little support as you need to get amongst it.

Therapeutic and specialist services

When the support you receive is a little more complex we can provide professional and reliable assessments and interventions from qualified internal and external practitioners.

Whether your needs are around behaviour, complex health, communication or physical needs, we can support you with assessment and through the development and implementation of strategies and plans delivered by staff who understand your individual needs.

We provide 24/7 in-home or drop-in accommodation support delivered by experienced, friendly and caring staff.

Coordination of support

If you deal with a number of different community services, including REDinc, we can work with you by supporting you to put the pieces together.

We can support you to connect with REDinc and with other community services to maintain engagement and overcome hurdles or challenges that you might experience as you navigate your life and your relationships because sometimes navigating life can be like putting together a giant jigsaw.

People who come to REDinc will feel cared for, their dreams supported and welcomed with open arms by new friends and a deeply caring team.

Get in touch with us, we are here to help!