I want to be creative!

Is your dream to live a vivid, colourful and creative life? Maybe you would love to be a dancer, artist, actor/ress or a singer? Are you ready to express yourself through the Creative Arts? Are you bursting at the seams to release your inner artist?

Nathan loves watching movies and reading comics which are the main source of inspiration for his artwork.


“Movies – they’re just so good. They make me happy. My art is important.”

Nathan Gooley went on to exhibit his Super Heroes works at the Lismore Regional Gallery in 2016 curated by Claudie Frock.

The REDinc Creative Arts and Music Programs are a haven for people to explore their artistic curiosity. Endeavouring to ignite the idea in anyone who participates that they have an artistic flare. We encourage exploration of all kinds of creative practice across the arts, from craft to painting to singing and drama. REDinc Art is renowned throughout the Northern Rivers and beyond as being an ongoing and active participant in Arts Culture.

Whether you’d like to dabble ‘n doodle or develop your career as an artist, we will attempt to facilitate and encourage all your needs. What we currently offer:

  • Visual arts
  • Music
  • Crafts
  • Signing choir
  • Beautiful noises choir
  • Band skills
  • Drama
  • Dance

Our philosophy is that Art is not taught, but rather people are encouraged to find their own artistic voice and to pursue themes of personal interest and meaning. Artists are encouraged to stay true to their unique style and subjects that truly mean something to them; so that, over time, their creative style becomes as unique and recognisable as their signature.

The aim of the studio is to assist individuals to become as independent as possible in their work, with just enough support to enable each person reach a deep engagement with, and enjoyment, of the artistic process. We believe our Artists have the right to quality arts practice, in a quality arts studio environment, using quality materials.

REDinc’s music program gives the opportunity for singing, song writing, busking, band skills, performance skills and the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (usually one-on-one support offered).  Check out the awesome Brotherhood of the Blues who started out at REDinc.

We believe that providing a quality art environment for our Artists has a positive impact on the community as a whole.

All our workshops cater to all abilities and everyone is welcome. Get in touch to find out more information and to book yourself/your loved one in!