Meet Support Worker: Kaz!

REDinc. LIsmore

Meet Support Worker: Kaz!

Kaz probably needs no introduction – if you’re a part of REDinc. in any way, you couldn’t have missed Kaz’s colour and energy and has been a much-loved support worker here at REDinc. for many years.

Here’s Kaz in her own words:

When did you start at REDinc.?
I started here in 2002 – so, 16 years!

What do you love about your work at REDinc.?
What I love most about my work is that it feels like coming home.  It’s so familiar to me here.
I had an Uncle with a severe disability so when I see people with a disability I immediately think of my Uncle Don.

His Mother, my Grandmother, had 10 children and I loved how she supported my Uncle through music.  He would play the tamborine and the mouth organ. She would say “C’mon Don!  Play me some music!”  And he would dance and play his tamborine and mouth organ.

I’m sad that my Grandmother passed away in 1982 and never saw me get into support work.

What has been your best day at REDinc.
Probably last Friday!  The REDinc. signing choir performed at the Lismore Library and it was a GRAND performance.  June, the librarian, even started singing and dancing with us – it was so beautiful!  The whole thing just brought me to tears (of happiness and joy!).

Last Friday was a close second to the REDinc. Signing Choir winning the Australia Day Group award a few years ago.

As I left that morning, June pulled me to one side and said “The REDinc. family is my tribe”.