Meet the Team! Paul Scharka – REDinc. Support Worker

Meet the Team! Paul Scharka – REDinc. Support Worker

I have been with REDinc. for three years as a Support Worker and work out of Mullumbimby and Lismore.

One thing I love about my work is the variety of work – no one day of the week is ever the same.   I love that we do everything from drama, dance and music to sport – it keeps work interesting and fun.


One highlight for me was when one participant and I made this great connection during a time when I broke my leg and it was in a leg brace.  He began to call me ‘Hoppy’ (because I was hopping around everywhere on one leg)! And now whenever I see him he calls me Hoppy with a big smile.  He lights up and it’s so nice to have that connection with him.

What is Support Work really all about?

I think it’s all ultimately about how you connect with the people you work with. My job is to make sure that the person I work with has a great day doing what they love to do – I love it.  

I’ve had a heap of different jobs throughout my life and I think here, I have a job that I’m meant to be doing. It gives me more fulfillment than I’ve ever had in a job before.  I really love what I do – even though some days are hard but overall to know you want to go to work is a great thing.

REDinc. is special because:

For me, it’s about the staff working on the ground with the people – they have such incredible heart for everyone we work with. 

I like how REDinc. looks at a wide range of people to work there to match the wide range of people we support.  It’s good because the right connections can be made between participants and their support workers.

The REDinc. Crew! Meet more of the people who make REDinc. awesome – coming soon!


  • August 24, 2017

    Cat Reid

    Support workers with those beliefs,are what make our service what it is. If we hold on to them we can ride out anything in the future that may challenge us❤️