Meet the Team: Support Worker Casey Juleff

disability support worker, lismore

Meet the Team: Support Worker Casey Juleff

Describe a typical day at REDinc.
Is there a typical day at REDinc.? The beauty of REDinc. is that the days vary greatly so you never get bored.

What do you most love about REDinc.?
I couldn’t honestly choose between the Participants and Support Workers here, the diverse range of both groups makes everyday amazing. The input the Support Workers have into the running and helping in the day’s activities is immense and can’t be understated.

Any stories from working at REDinc. you’d care to share?
I think just working with Theo’s antics of him tricking me in Auslan with wrong signs, or all the times I’ve been mistaken for Tom (Tom is Casey’s REDinc. doppelgänger – also a Support Worker).

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, past, present or future, who would it be and what would you talk about?

Vlad Dracule from Romania would be an interesting person to talk about almost anything.  What motivated him to war and his ruthless ways of keeping law and peace in his lands or Genghis Khan and see how he feels about the legacy he left with his military tactics which had been unseen up until that point.

How would your friends describe you?
I’d like to hope they’d say good things about me, along the lines of easy going and sharp, built like the Rock with the looks of Robert Downey Jnr maybe.

What qualities do you bring to REDinc.?
I like to believe I bring patience, hard working ethics, determination and motivation.

How is REDinc. different to other workplaces you have worked at?
The support from all the staff when you need help is amazing. The diverse range of activities which are offered to try and cater to everyone’s wants is great for inclusion of everyone.

What’s been your favourite day so far at REDinc. and why?
Taking Jakob to the Macadamia Castle: it was a heap of fun seeing him around the animals and how gentle and calm he was petting the Llamas; and walking through the aviary was great fun.