Meet the Team: Support Worker – Kim Orams (Ninja Warrior!)

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Meet the Team: Support Worker – Kim Orams (Ninja Warrior!)

Meet REDinc. Support Worker, Kim:  as well as being a support worker, he is also a competitive athlete, training six days a week.  He has competed in everything from strength events to outdoor obstacle races, and is involved with the next season of Australian Ninja Warrior, which will be airing later this year.

Describe a typical day at REDinc.
I’m not sure how I possibly could! A day at REDinc. could be anything from a classroom setting to a music room, an art room to a dance floor, or the gym to a waterfall. The variety of great programs and amazing Participants means no two days are ever the same; it’s great being kept on my toes!

What do you love most about working at REDinc.?
The thing I love most about REDinc. is the feeling of family and supportive atmosphere among staff. People genuinely care about each other, and that clearly comes through in better support for our Participants.

What qualities do you bring?
I feel optimism and energy is always important, and I make it my goal to leave work having brightened not only the Participant’s day, but hopefully my amazing co-workers’ as well.

What’s been your favourite day so far at REDinc. and why?
There was recently an afternoon where I took a young man to a waterfall. Due to reasons out of his control he has quite a restricted life, however loves water. There was a moment when he was in a small creek, splashing and laughing, simply being himself in an unrestricted state of happiness. It really hit me that this is the nature of REDinc., and what we are really working to do, is bring that happiness into peoples’ lives.

If you could have lunch with anyone in the world, past, present or future, who would it be and what would you talk about?
Most likely Napoleon Bonaparte, who is, in my opinion, the greatest and most charismatic/influential leader of all time. Napoleon, after rising to power before being overthrown and exiled to the Island of Elba to die, returned to Paris where armed troops were waiting. Napoleon, upon seeing his old army waiting guns raised, walked towards them, tearing open his coat and exclaiming: “If any of you will shoot his Emperor, here I am“. The men, reportedly moved to tears by the valorous act, joined their exiled emperor’s side, and marched back towards Paris where Napoleon was returned to the throne to raise his second Grand Armee.