REDinc. Filmmaking Group Wins at Film Festival!

Disability services byron shire

REDinc. Filmmaking Group Wins at Film Festival!

The REDinc. Byron Shire filmmaking group have taken out the Best Producer category for their film ‘Everyone is Different’ at this years Focus On Ability Film Festival.

disability services byron

The REDinc. filmmakers, Kia Wasley, Laim Reynolds, Jacob Staff (not pictured) and Aidan Vagne-Brendish, created the concept, produced, filmed and edited the short film over two months.  They even professionally recorded a song (also written and recorded by the group) as the film’s main sound track.  The song was professionally recorded and able to be used for the film thanks to a mobile recording unit for which REDinc. had recently received funding.

The film and song tackles, head-on, a theme that has deeply affected all the Participants at some point in their lives: being bullied because of their disability.  The film includes a series of talking heads of the Participants and Support Workers talking about how dehumanising bullying is – how it affects the victim but how it also hurts the bully too.

The Filmmaker group’s Coordinater, Ryan Wallis, said of the filmmakers:

“The filmmakers’ enthusiasm and immediate creative flow was pretty unique – as soon as they came up with the idea, they got out there and started filming.  They really went with their creative thoughts and ideas.  It certainly wasn’t the usual workflow for a film but it worked and ended up getting the recognition it deserved.”

REDinc. filmmakers, based in Lismore, had also submitted entries:

‘Making Waves’ by Karenza Ebejer featuring REDinc. Participant, Max MacAuley.

‘Global Worming’ by REDinc. Participant, Pete McDonald.

The Focus On Ability Film Festival asks filmmakers to ‘Focus on the Ability’ of people with a disability and tell a story on film for the world to view.

REDinc. is a serial film winner, last year also winning a number of categories.