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Southern Cross University comes to REDinc.’s Aid!

Published: 05 May 2017

REDinc. CEO, Marie Gale, getting interviewed by Lucy, Prime7.

Being flooded out had a huge impact on REDinc. (as you know!) and our ability to continue with services in the days after.   We thought that it was going to take us weeks, if not months, to recover from the devastation that the flood and ex-Cyclone Debbie wrought upon us and our town.

But, very shortly after surveying all five of our buildings being inundated and unusable, and wondering what on earth we would do, we received a call from Southern Cross Uni‘s Kristin Den Exter.

Kristin offered REDinc. full use of a brand new upper floor they had just finished, for no charge.

The space offered to us was bright and colourful, (dry!) and fitted out with everything any service could possibly need.  The generosity of the Southern Cross University meant that the REDinc. staff collective could work together every day to get operations back up and running and start to look at ways in which we could continue our service to our community.

THANK YOU, Southern Cross University!

We are continuing with our flood recovery and taking firm steps to come back bolder and more colourful than before.

If you would like to donate to REDinc.’s GoFundMe campaign, please go here and you can read more about the REDinc. Flood Story, here.