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Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

At REDinc we genuinely care and believe that you should have access to the supports that are best for you, stress-free.

Our Plan Management team will take the hassle out of managing your NDIS budget by;

Budget Managing and Monitoring

Managing and Monitoring a Participants Budget

Taking care of Invoices and Claims

Managing a participants NDIS Claims and dispersing funds to providers for services delivered

Stay informed on your budget

Providing regular statements to a participants to show the financial status of their plan including prompting notification of over or under utilization.

Providing you with Choice and Control

Offering increased choice and control to a participant over plan implementation and utilization through additional plan financial assistance.

Tailoring your Budget to you

Plan Managers will oversee your provider invoicing & expenditure & work with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of your funding. They can work with you to build capacity and understanding of your plan & managing finances.

Frequently asked questions

The funding for plan management is made up of two components, a monthly processing fee and a setup fee. Both of these fees are covered by the NDIS, in addition to your support budget.

Plan Management is funded at a flat fee for everyone, regardless of the complexity of their Plan or support environment.

A plan manager is not responsible for assisting the participant to explore and connect with providers, broader systems of supports and community supports.

A plan manager is also not expected to maintain a participants NDIS supports through rostering services, or providing disability related advocacy services.

There are a few;

  • Participants can buy supports from non-NDIS registered providers.
  • Participants don’t have to use the NDIS portal
  • Participants may feel more supported in using your budget to make the most out of your plan.
  • Increased choice & control of preferred providers, services and supports without the burden of financial administration

Support Coordinators assist NDIS participants in understanding their NDIS plans, identify their needs and goals, monitoring their progress and connecting participants with the people and support that will help them achieve choice and control.

In the NDIS, a plan manager manages the financial and administrative side of the plan. For instance, this can be organising payments, processing claims and invoices, in addition to tracking your NDIS budget. REDinc also offers Support Coordination services, click here to go to our Support Coordination page. 

Our Plan Management Team!

How to get started with REDinc Plan Management?

Our professional team of plan managers have years of experience in this space and are dedicated to supporting you. Get in touch!

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