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John Holland Group and Team of Contractors Builds an Incredible New Kitchen for REDinc.

Published: 11 Sep 2017

In March 2017 ex-Cyclone Debbie tore through the North Coast decimating the regional city of Lismore. Businesses and homes were flooded and possessions destroyed.

REDinc., was no exception. All of our five buildings, including the kitchen space, were utterly devastated, leaving participants and support workers without anywhere to go day to day.

The cooking program that REDinc. had previously run was a huge hit with Participants, teaching the vital skill of cooking, empowering young people to live an independent life.  This program was unable to continue after the flood happened.

Enter, the John Holland Group, who arrived, after a word from Lismore City Councillor Elly Bird, with an army of sub contractors and not only rebuilt the kitchen but made it 100 times better than the original; and to a commercial grade!

The new kitchen replaced a pretty old system and is much more user friendly. The John Holland Group built a custom built, functional, contemporary facility for all of REDinc. to benefit from.

Having access to modern, functional equipment has meant that the cooking activities are far more organised and safer for Participants to cook.

On Wednesday 6th September, REDinc. held an event to officially open the kitchen and to thank the John Holland Group and its team of contractors.  REDinc. also thanked Bunnings Lismore who donated and installed all the metal shelving in the REDinc. Art Studio; and the CWA Bangalow who donated some money for kitchen equipment so that the kitchen could get up and running as quickly as possible.

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to the following outstanding contractors, teams and businesses who made this happen for the REDinc. community:

Justin Ingram, John Holland Group
Brett Popham, John Holland Group
Jill McCall, John Holland Group
Ian Hogg, Climatech
Richard Trow Climatech
Jared Purnell, Purnell Fabrication
Chris Smith, Auzline Ceilings & Partitions
Rhonda, CWA Bangalow
Jim Clissold, Electrotech Systems
Karen Campbell, Laser Plumbing & Electrical
Roberta Maslen, Bunnings
Jared Purnell, Purnell Fabrication
Jim Kelso, Kelso Services
Tony Durheim, Premier 3D Painting
Brent May, Modern Commercial Flooring
Chris Calear, HVTC.

Scroll down for pics and video of this late afternoon event, held at 87a Magellan St.

REDinc.-er, Lee Hilder and Nimali Pathirana, shares with the contractors the impact of the new kitchen on their cook-it-yourself workshop: