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Finally living away from our folks, on our own, is an exciting time of our lives and REDinc believes everyone should have the opportunity to make that move and have a life experience that is our own.

Moving out and living independently can come with challenges and feel a little overwhelming.

REDinc has an experienced and caring team who can provide you with the supports you need to make the transition from home to your own place and/or the skills to live a terrific life independently into the future.

REDinc delivers a wide range of highly personalised and group disability services delivered by staff who deeply care and who share the belief that everyone deserves to dream and live their best lives.

Find out more about why we do what we do.

We pride ourselves on being a small local organisation delivering disability services on the North Coast for the past 30 years. One of our greatest qualities, that comes from being a relatively small organisation, is the family atmosphere that exists within the REDinc community.

Independent Life

Our supports are available to anyone who is:

  • currently living in an independent living arrangement
  • or planning on, or thinking about, making the transition in supported independent living

And if you are thinking about it but just not sure where to start, we can help! Get in touch, and have a chat with one of our team.

We provide 24/7 in-home or drop-in accommodation support delivered by experienced, friendly and caring staff.

REDinc is a SIL and SDA, NDIS registered provider.

We work with you

We work with you to:

  • Find appropriate accommodation
  • Co-ordinate transition to an independent life
  • Identify any in-home support and drop in support needs
  • Pre plan your independent life journey
  • We also provide you with access to a wide range of day-to-day living information and resources to enable you to live a truly independent life.

The Independent Living team also provides:

  • Intensive support
  • Workshops for carers and young people
  • Financial counselling

If you are ready to make the transition and/or take your Independent Living dreams to the next level, get in touch now and together, let’s make it happen!