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REDinc. and The Lismore Flood March 2017

Published: 18 Apr 2017

REDinc. days after the flood. Everything had to be thrown out.

Located in Magellan Street, Lismore, REDinc. was in the thick of the Lismore Flood March 2017.  The weather was getting increasingly worse into the evening after having rained all day, Thursday.  Having heard local talk of flooding, a small group of REDinc. staff headed down to the main buildings and started loading the computers and servers into the backs of cars to drive them up the hill out of harms way; thinking that all else, being slightly raised to desk level, would be fine.

But, as we (and everyone else in Lismore) soon found out: wrong!  Catching everybody out, the river overtopped the levy in the wee hours of Friday morning and very quickly, Lismore was severely flooded.  REDinc. Chief Operations Officer, Aaron, who was one of those helping to get everything out of the offices that Thursday night:

“We got out of the CBD just in the nick of time! It all (the flood) happened very quickly.”

That weekend Lismore saw utter devastation for thousands of Lismore residents and businesses whose homes and offices were inundated with muddy flood water that rose to 11.57 metres: close to the 1974 Lismore flood levels.

As the floodwater started to subside on the Sunday a couple of the REDinc. staff collective ventured in with baited breath.

The REDinc. HQ, Art Studio, music room and The Strand were completely trashed.  At 87 Magellan St, everything below desk level was destroyed including the walls, carpets and flooring which, over the coming days, had to be ripped out by staff. The Strand: the water came up to nearly 6 foot so nothing survived.

REDinc. lost 30 years of memories, furniture, computers, paperwork, artwork, art supplies, instruments, vital equipment needed to realise the dreams and highest aspirations of the community it serves.

While the staff worked, beautiful hearted people popped in throughout the day with offers of homemade food, fresh coffee and water. Others popped in to offer a helping hand – many stopping in and working shoulder to shoulder for hours with the REDinc. staff to do dirty, stinking work.  We feel honoured to be part of such an incredible community – thank you.

Some artworks were saved and you’ll never guess which ones they were. Read more here.

Despite losing practically everything, the staff pulled together and worked hard; their resilient and caring spirit shone brighter than ever throughout that rotten week.  Watch this space: REDinc. will be back brighter and bolder than ever!

In the past REDinc. has been self reliant but to get us back on our feet to serve the North Coast communities after this devastating event, we are asking for help.  A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help raise funds to purchase new furniture, equipment and supplies.  Please donate if you can.

If you would like to help REDinc. you can donate here or, share this campaign with your friends and family.

Hey! Who put Phil in the skip?


Bree and Luke: two of the awesome REDinc. crew!


Pattie and Stacey gum booted up and ready for action!


Mitch spent some long days (weeks!) on the gurney!


Steve worked hard to get rid of all the pooled flood water still hanging around.


This was Amy and Paul’s 557th trip to the skip that day!


eSpace, REDinc.’s tech hub, was completely wiped out – we lost all the equipment – everything. Jonathan spent days cleaning it out.


Gum boots: Footwear Du Jour


Some of the REDinc. crew (L-R): Maddie, Amy, Gisela and Neil.